Durian Garden of Eden - Eating the King Of Fruits in Nonthaburi

Durian Garden of Eden - Eating the King Of Fruits in Nonthaburi

Durian is one of the unique and delicious fruits, and in Thailand, the best durian comes from the are of Nonthaburi. You're going to drool at these photos.

Nonthaburi Durian, Thailand

Living and traveling in Southeast Asia since 2009, I’ve been able to sample quite a few durians, and every single good durian is a sensational treat, and a moment to remember.

A friend of mine Lindsay from Yearofthedurian.com, is probably the most passionate, and knowledgable durian lover that I know.

When she invited me to go on a durian adventure to Nonthaburi, in search of the world’s most expensive durian, I couldn’t resist.


In Thailand durian is grown in a few different provinces, and there are a number of different varieties.

However, as all Thais know, one of the most expensive and best quality durian varieties cultivated in the country is a kanyao, or translated as a long stem durian.

The most famous of them all is the Nonthaburi Kanyao (ก้านยาว นนทบุรี), the world’s most expensive durian.

You can’t even buy them at stores or in local markets in Bangkok (the authentic, best quality ones, you won’t even find at Bangkok’s upscale Or Tor Kor Market (video).


          The best quality authentic Nonthaburi Kanyao durians are pre-sold, even before the season begins, the entire stock bought out by durian obsessed businessmen who can afford to fork out the 10,000 – 20,000 THB ($305 – $610) price tag for a single fruit.

Lindsay had actually been in contact with the farm, Suan Toorien Padoi (สวนทุเรียนป้าต้อย) for months, and the time had finally come to purchase and sample one of these high esteemed fruits.

I was actually surprised how small the farm was, just a small plot of land, where the owner could take extreme care of each and every durian tree.




More: https://migrationology.com/durian-farm-thailand/ 

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