Segway Unseen @Sukhothai

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

  • $75.94/person

Segway Unseen @Sukhothai


Ride the world-class innovation into the world heritage of Sukhothai Historical Park. Immerse yourself into the old kingdom like never before, see more in less time! Our staff will take care of you and lead you to explore a whole Sukhothai Historical Park and the old community where you will see REAL lifestyle of the locals and stunning historical remains in 2.5 Hours. We limit quantity to 1-4 people/group and no join group available so as to make your journey exclusive and private


- Drive into a Whole Sukhothai Historical Park & unseen old city  beings like no other

- Real private trip. No join group (only your group & our navigator staff) and available for 1-4 people/trip


- Price = 2,500THB/person/trip (not include ticket fee of Sukhothai Historical Park)

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- Pregnant woman

- Person weight less than 35kg or more than 120kg

- Dwaft

- Disable people

- Person who can't stand normally



- Maximum 4 people/trip

- Duration 2.5 Hours

$ 75.94 1:30 Hours

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Departures - 星期二 22 九月 20

* If you can not choose the time, May be time out of Reservation Or exceeds the limit.


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