Morning Cooking Class - Red Chili

Redchili Cooking School,

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Enjoy and learn Thai cooking class.


The owner Mr. Aon, He always had the passion for cooking and worked in Thai kitchen for over seven years.He has been traveling around Thailand all his whole life and learned how to cook special disk from different regions in Thailand. Based on his cooking experiences, he would like to share his knowledge of food to friends and to everyone who loves to cook.





You will learn to select and prepare ingredient. We will bring you to visit the Chenag Mai local live style and culture in local fresh market.  The special secret thechnic to cooked. The class will reserve for 2-6 persons for best quality to takecare students in class. 

  • Transportation pick up and drop off at your place.
  • Market tour
  • English speaking chef instructor.
  • Recipes
  • Refreshments
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We will cook:

Soup:                 Tom Kha Soup
Curry paste:       Curry Paste
Curry:                 Kaow Soi Curry (Typical yellow curry with chicken)
Stir fried:             Stir fried Hot Basil
Dessert:              Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango


  1. We will pick you up at your hotel or meeting point between 8:00 – 8:30
  2. the class will begin with a visit to a local market. The local market is a great way to experience our culture authentically and we will first learn how to shop for some fresh ingredients.
  3. After getting acquainted with the local produce, we can proceed to our kitchen class room where our chef and cooking instructor begin sharing techniques and recipes for our famous Thai soups, stir fried dishes, and a crucial lesson in learning to make your own curry paste from scratch will be guided and used in our recipe. After the demonstration by the chef, each participant will have the chance to practice on their own personal cooking station.
  4. Drop Off 14:00
$ 30.37 6 Hours

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Departures - 星期二 22 九月 20

* If you can not choose the time, May be time out of Reservation Or exceeds the limit.


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