Wat Thep Thida Ram

Wat Thep Thida Ram

The temple was built in 1836, during the reign of King Rama III.

The temple was built in 1836, during the reign of King Rama III. Like other temples from the third reign, it has a Thai layout, but is combined with a mixture of Chinese architectural styles. The gables are decorated with Chinese porcelain pieces and there are Chinese sculpture all over the complex.

The four prangs. A craftsman in the reign of King Rama III, which supports the Buddha image in a beautifully invented church and the walls of the Ubosot are painted in the shape of a pyramid. The Reign of King Rama III




Phaphuttathewawirat Or white father The Buddha image of Chiang Saen, Sukhothai, Pang, Marjathai, diamonds, with stone. Pure white



No history of creation or origin. The history of this Buddha. King Mongkut Maha Jessada Bodin, King Rama III (2367 - 2394), has a great devotion to Buddhism. The monastery was built and restored many monks in 2379. Please give the Department of ten thousand. (Man, Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen). The temple was built to honor. God HRH Princess Nilawan Grand daughter The royal daughter. BornSome dowager His Majesty the King was able to receive the blessing. It was originally known as Wat Phraya Krai Suan Luang. Completed in 1839, the new name. "Goddess Ram Temple", which means " His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over the royal ceremony on December 22, 1839. He invited the Buddha to preside over the statue of Buddha with white stone from the Grand Palace.

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14 inches wide, 19 inches high, 8 inches thick, 9 inches (shoulder), 9 inches around, and 18 inches (18 inches) in the shape of a vase. Or Gold Plate Very elaborate pattern. Surrounded by pewter and Garuda gilded gold. Left, right, from the high tiered gold wire spread 5, 2, above the Buddha. Suvarnabhumi Airport, 5th floor, 1st floor

In the left-hand corner, Adorned with respect. It is called Pra Thong. Same with the Buddha's world. And the Buddha Lal Napalai. In the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Wat Phra Kaew Emerald Suwan Chantan 5, 2nd floor, these are all the original.

Sunthon Phu Museum

This temple was the residence of Sunthorn Pho. During 1840 - 2385 when the monk ordained. There is also a cemetery called "poet house" opened as a museum.



52 Bhikkhuni Statues

In the temple, there is a golden statue of the Buddha. 52 of them are sitting in the temple, standing in three different positions. They sit in meditation practice, listen to the dhamma.

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