Privacy Policy

How and what Where Do We Go (“WDOWGO”) collects in terms of personal information by using our website. By visiting our website you agree to have this information being collected, used and processed by us.  

Scope of Terms

WDOWGO can modify and update this privacy policy at any time. If you don’t agree to this, stop using our website and our services.

Collection of Information

WDOWGO collects personal information and by using our website and services you agree to us collecting the following:

  • A copy of any correspondence
  • Details of your usage of this Website
  • Feedback on and responses to surveys
  • Information derived from cookies
  • Information gathered by our or authorised third parties computer systems

Storage of Information
  1. WDOWGO owns all personal information gathered through our website
  2. WDOWGO will take all reasonable means to keep your personal information secure and safe
  3. WDOWGO does not guarantee that your information can be kept safe
  4. WDOWGO will not take any responsibility for unauthorised access to your personal information

Usage and Sharing of Information
  1. WDOWGO will not sell your data
  2. WDOWGO will use your data to improve our services, both customer services and website function
  3. WDOWGO may contact you for feedback from time to time but you can opt out
  4. WDOWGO may occasionally share your data to third parties outside of your home country, including the following:
    1. To successfully complete your reservation
    2. Between guests and local experts and vice versa
    3. Third parties such as google analytics
    4. Any legal body who so requires it
    5. To complete a corporate transaction, say with a bank
    6. To protect the rights of WDOWGO
    7. In any other case, we will seek your written permission
    8. Any links on our website that may take you to websites who may collect data from you. WDOWGO takes no responsibility for information collected from these sites or damages you may incur as a result of visiting them.
    9. WDOWGO may sometimes have collaborations etc.. By using WDOWGO  you consent to your personal information being disclosed to our business partners for their use and they may send you product information etc. from time to time.
  5. WDOWGO will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information will be protected in a. manner consistent with this policy.

WhereDoWeGoPrivacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the basis and terms upon which WhereDoWeGo collects, uses, processes and/or discloses information that is obtained from visitors to the Website and users of its Services. Such information includes personal information relating or linked to a specific individual such as name, residential address, telephone number, email address and credit card number (“Personal Information”).

By visiting the Website, you are consenting to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.